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March 13, 2012

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You know that saying, about practice making perfect? This old adage couldn’t be more right, especially when it comes to golf. The more you hit the ball the better you get. The only problem is that every time you want to tee off you have to break your stance and your concentration! Fortunately the Teego Personal Edition makes teeing up easier than ever!

Teego Personal EditionNext you have to go through the motions necessary to get physically prepared to tee off. If you’re working to perfect your swing or cure a problem you  need to tee off time and time again.

This is where the problem begins, because to repeat your swing you have to get out of your stance, break you concentration and put a ball on the tee. What if there was a way for the ball to magically appear on your tee without you needing to do anything at all? Well mate that is exactly what the Teego Personal Edition does, minus the magic!

Teego Personal is a mechanical device that doesn’t require batteries or any electrical parts. The upper portion is clear and contains the golf balls. The lower portion consists of sturdy legs, a push button and an arm. Since the upper portion is see-through you always know how many balls you have left. The entire device is well constructed of impact and heat resistant plastic.

Now, this is how the Teego Personal Edition works, you load the top with balls and set it up so that the arm reaches your tee. When you’re ready to go you use your club to push the button on the bottom part of the device.  This triggers the arm to reach up, get the ball and bring it down to your tee, it’s that easy!

The Teego Personal Edition is simple to use and makes teeing off easier than ever. The arm that grabs the ball is equipped with a special plastic guard. This ensures that the golf ball rests on the tee when the arm retracts. Basically you tap the button with your club head, let the Teego Personal Edition place the ball and then swing!

That’s right, you get to focus on your set up and swing without breaking your stance to put a ball on the tee. Finally you can focus on the mechanics of your swing with uninterrupted practice! The Teego holds 150 balls, 75 in the magazine and 75 in the reserve container, so you can really engrain the feeling of getting a good swing and hit!

Have you used the Teego Personal Edition? Write your own personal review to let us all know how this handy device worked for you!

This reasonably priced device is easy to use, sturdy, works on all grass types and makes practice simple and fun.  It is a great way to center your focus on your set up and swing, which can be the best way to cure a slice or get more consistent results. So if you’re ready to step up your practice you‘ll want to check out the Teego Personal Edition!

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