Hank Haney’s Plane Finder Review

April 3, 2012

How To Golf

Exactly how are you supposed to follow something you can’t see, feel, hear or touch? That’s the problem many golfers have when it comes to finding that ever elusive swing plan.  This important field of movement can make or break you as a golfer but it’s a challenging concept to master. This is why the Hank Haney Plane Finder can be such a powerful golf training aid.

Developed by renowned golf instructor Hank Haney the Plane Finder helps golfers see and feel this important golf concept like never before. Most importantly it provides instant feedback that golfers can immediately use to improve their swing. In the past golfers had to use mirrors or video playback to distinguish a good from bad swing. The Plane Finder makes it easy to get that perfect swing!

The Hanky Haney Plane Finder is a simple piece of equipment that you can easily transport, set up and use anywhere. It is lightweight but durable and you can set it up in your home or office anytime you feel like working on your swing!

The Plane Finder sets on the ground in front of the golfer. It has an upper part that you adjust to match the angle of your club. This is different for every golfer according to height and other factors. The bottom part is also adjustable to either reduce or expand the amount of space between these two sections. These sections are connected and adjustable to create a sort of ‘box’ that has an open path for you to swing through.

The top and bottom sections of the Plane Finder have pairs of little arms that hang down or up into the swing path but do not touch. Your goal is to swing in between these arms and avoid ‘triggering’ them, which will essentially cause them to fold down.  If you swing along the correct swing plane your club will smoothly go through the Plane Finder without triggering any of the arms to fold.

You can start out with extra space in between the top and bottom and reduce the distance as you get a better feel for your personal swing plane. This tool provides instant feedback on if you’re on the plane or striking above or below it!

Have you used Hank Haney’s Plane Finder to improve your understanding of the swing plane? Why not write a review and tell us all how it helped your game!

All golf starts with a great swing; there is just no denying it. This fundamental skill sets the groundwork for a solid game which is why it’s a focal point for golfers all over the world. You could spend a lot of time and money trying to master the swing plane and still be frustrated with your results. If you want to instantly understand this concept and improve your skills, however, you might want to check out Hank Haney’s Plane Finder!

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