Dual Track Swing Trainer Review

March 18, 2012

How To Golf

Dual Track Swing TrainerGolf can be a frustrating game! A lot of things have to go just right in order for the club head to make that perfect connection and send the ball flying with speed and accuracy.  Often times golfers end up struggling with some of the finer points of golf, like perfecting your swing. This is why the Dual Track Swing Trainer is such an important golf training aid!

Having a great swing is as about fundamental a golf skill as there is – it all begins with the swing!  It might not seem complex but having the perfect golf swing involves getting a lot of things right. Your body must be in the right position with your hips, shoulders and arms all working together perfectly.

Your swing must also occur along the swing plane, make a solid connection with the sweet spot of the golf ball, be fast enough to count and include the proper follow through. Sound easy mate? No, I didn’t think so! The Dual Track Swing Trainer, however, helps simplify things so you can focus on how the correct swing feels.

Here is how it works: the Dual Track includes two guide rails which your club physical runs along during the backswing. These guide rails ensure that your positioned correctly and that your club head is following the optimal path. There is no more guessing or trying to visualize your swing plane.

Once your swing has passed the top of the guide the Dual Track Swing Trainer collapses to the ground. This allows you to continue with your down swing unimpeded and without worry over hitting the device. The result is a proper back swing and a better connection upon impact.

However, the Dual Track can also be set to not collapse. This is helpful if you want to use the track through your downswing. To do this you will basically do your down swing in slow motion by realigning your club in the track. This option can give you a feel for proper alignment, hand placement and help you visualize the swing plane.

No matter how you use it, either set to collapse or not, the Dual Track Swing Trainer helps you get and stay on track! This is one of the only swing plane trainers that let you both see and physically feel the swing plane! That means no guessing and no more relying upon visualization.

Have you used the Dual Track Swing Trainer? Please join the conversation and tell us if you feel it helped improve your swing!

Many golf training aids focus on the swing and for good reason! Mastering the swing gives you the basis for a great golf game on any course. If you want help visualizing and following the swing plane along with physical help to align your body and club for a solid impact then the Dual Track Swing Trainer is for you!

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